1.07 Hook Man || Random Caps 


thunder is god’s instrument to invoke awe and righteous fear into those who do not yet fear The Lord.

Castiel Graphics Challenge

mirthfulcas vs. nosignofwings

prompt: thunder, symbol of god’s voice

Nope. Just frightened people ripping each other’s throats out. I really haven’t had to do too much. Take out a bridge here, lay in a little hallucination there, sit back, pop some corn, watch the show. Frankly, you’re really vicious little animals, Sam.

meg masters week // day 2 // meg 2.0

I wanna be her.

Sorrow found me when I was young
Sorrow waited, sorrow won.

46-47/ of dean winchester

A Study in Silhouettes 
↳ 1.16 Shadow


S10 Countdown: 12 days - SN: 04x07